Re: [Evolution] Revised list of features

Tom Musgrove wrote:


Feature: Intelligent reply for mailing lists
Feature: HTML Stationary
Feature: html or image signature file
Feature: User based signature file
Feature: Rotating signature file
Feature: Macro/Graphical reply builder from user defined generic paragraphs
Feature: Smart email recognition
Feature: Outgoing mail prioritizer
Feature: 'Smart' auto-completion of email addresses
Feature: Default domain for unqualified addresses.

Under "Email: Composing" I'd like to request another 2 features.

1. I like the way the pico editor allows you to justify a paragraph using
[CTRL]-J when editing a file. It would be very handy to be able to wrap a
paragraph to 72 columns while composing an email.

2. It would also be nice if it could correctly justify a quoted
paragraph where each line was preceeded with "> ".

Chris Kakris
ZDS Services Pty Ltd  414 Gilbert Road, Preston, Victoria 3072, Australia

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