[Evolution] Work for those with limited time and/or skills

For those of you that have limited time and/or skill for hacking on
evolution, but would like to get involved beyond the submittal of bug
reports.  I propose the following.

I have broken down some of the things that are necessary to some of the
major desired features - namely reverse engineering of protocols and file
formats, interface clones, research of what extended functionality and plug
ins are available with other contact managers, researching what other
contact managers, email clients, and related software is out there.  These
can be broken down into tasks that can generally be performed in fifteen
minutes or less, and can be performed relatively independently.

If there is interest, I'm willing to do coordination, etc.

The information I need is

1) What OSes you have available to you (i.e. are you 'pure unix/linux' or do
you have a mac, windows, or other non unix compatible machine available to

2) What skill areas do you have that might be relevant?  Programming,
searching, writing, interfaces... and an approximate level of skill and/or
number of years experience... [Expert, Very Good - top 10%ile, Good - top
30%ile, Average - 50th %ile or above, Other - not sure]  If you think you
are much below average, it probably shouldn't be listed <grin>

3) Approximate amount of time you would have available each week, and how
large a time 'block' they are

4) What area you have a special interest in working on, if any

here is my preferred format

Name: Tom Musgrove [TomM pentstar com]
OSes: Windows 98, NT; Linux RedHat 6.1;
Skills: Programming - C, C++ Average; Glade - Other; Searching - Expert;
Time: 8 hours per week; 30 minute - 1 hour blocks
Areas: Organizational efforts; anything

If you are interested, please email me, and I'll help you to get started.

Tom M.
TomM Pentstar com

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