[Evolution] More feature requests

Feature: text attachments are not viewed inline
Description: Text attachments appear as attached documents, instead of being
appended to the email inline
Requested by: Tom Musgrove [TomM pentstar com]

Feature:  Email left on server after download
Description: Email can be left on the server for a user defined number of
days after the email has been downloaded to the inbox
Requested by: Tom Musgrove [TomM pentstar com]

Feature: Intelligent reply for mailing lists [note the rest of your request,
not wanting duplicates, would already be handled by another feature request
that I submitted...]
Description: Check if a poster is on a mailing list, if they are not, then
reply to the poster and CC the mailing list
Requested by: Gregory Leblanc [gleblanc cu-portland edu]

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