Re: [Evolution] vfolders vs filters

No its no good, the dialogues are alreayd different anyway.

Filtering can do other things that vfoldering can't, and vfoldering
can cover multiple folders and sources whereas filtering is just incoming

Wait till we also get scoring in there ...

To answer the original question, a vfolder is a dynamic query on a numbber
of mailboxes.  On disk they only take up the space to store the query
(very small), and so you can have many many vfolders, with overlapping
contents wihtout wasting disk space.  Filters on the other hand split
incoming mails (and eventualy outgoing) into multiple stores, and
any overlapping filters produce copies of messages in different locations.

And because vfoldeers are dynamic, you will eventually be able
to do things like "show me all mail from miguel in the last 30 days"
the sort of things you can't really do with filters.


On jeu, 03 aoû 2000 16:11:06 m.nine.six wrote:


ohh a i have also an other question: the virtual folder druid and filter
druid are the same?? what's the difference between virtual folder and
filter? or is this a bug??

Guess what ? I think there should be only ONE druid, which at one moment
would ask "should I create a physically different folder or should it
be a virtual folder", with a link on an helpfile to explain the difference
and pros and cons between both methods.
To an end user (which often messes between its folders), theses choices
are REALLY confusing.


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