Re: [Evolution] Evolution build document

Bonobo and all its required libraries (See The Bonobo Build
Document for more info on that.
gtkhtml (with --without-bonobo)
gnome-vfs (with --enable-oaf=yes)

You need to build gtkhtml *with* bonobo support, or you won't get the
html editor control used by the mail composer. (Ettore says gtkhtml
didn't have OAF support until yesterday, which is probably why you
needed to build it --without-bonobo.)

You also need several other packages which are listed in the README.

I would also recommend installing them to /usr

This is true for Red Hat and probably some other distros, but the more
generic advice is "install with the same --prefix and --sysconfdir as
the rest of your GNOME installation".

as, for some reason, when compiling,
evolution doesn't honour the GNOME_PATH environment

I suspect you're referring to the .idl compiling problem, which is
fixed now at least in the case where you're installing Evolution into
the same prefix as you installed Bonobo into.

-- Dan

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