Re: [Evolution] Still can't compile

I have been having related problems getting Evolution, and all that is
needed for it, to compile.

You mention to get a recent version of bonobo from CVS. Is there a
specicic 'tagged' version that *works* ? I am working with a RedHat 6.2
install, with all the latest Helixcode Gnome libs, and several gnome
libs from CVS. Unfortunately Bonobo refuses to get past the

HEAD is the one you want.  It works.

If you are not the person to ask this, who do I contact?

Much appreciated,


P.S. Errors from at the bottom of this mail.

Basically these are  (well at least some of it is) because you
dont have a new enough gdk-pixbuf.

Since you have helixcode uptodate, you should have most things requied,
but gdk-pixbuf changed recently, so myabe that is the problem.


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