Re: [Evolution] Islamic Calendar Support File (Progress!)

On Mon, 24 Apr 2000 22:52:13 +0200, Ali Abdin wrote:

Also - it is my belief that the iCal spec uses time_t to store 
(so I've been told) so you can not use a tm struct to handle dates 
prior to
1970 on a calendar

No, iCalendar uses a text-encoded date format.  For example:

DTSTART: 19980119T070000Z

for 07:00 AM Jan. 19, 1998.

gnome-pim (and Evolution, at least to this point) use time_t as a convenient internal representation.  It 
might be wise, at this point, to switch to struct tm, especially if I need to go in and replace all the 
time_t's with a structure anyway (to handle timezonification)...


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