[Evolution] The hump on Evolution's back ...

Ok lads n lasses, I thought i'd drop a little note about some
of the big changes i've been doing to camel recently, and what
I plan in the next week or so (if i can keep up the momenentum).

A long email, probably not much use unless you're interested
in the guts of camel ...

Probably the biggest change so far is the inclusion of an all-new
mime parser which is (to be) used by any parts of the system
which needs to parse email messages.  It appears to be very
fast, robust, and keeps track of the parser state so the reset
of camel doesn't have to.  I've rewritten a big chunk of
the mbox provider to use it - it now fully summarises and
indexes an mbox in only about 2x the time it used to just find the

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