Re: [Evolution] What I did to compile Evolution on RH 6.2

Ty Augustine wrote:

I've been struggling with compiling Evolution on my newly installed RH6.2
system.  Can you please outline ALL the necessary steps for my to
successfully get Evolution to compile?

Hm. I don't think I'll be able to remember exactly. Basically, I started
with the README:

        bonobo - Evolution always tracks the latest CVS versions of
        bonobo. Released versions will virtually always be too old.
        Note that this must be installed with the same --prefix as
        gnome-libs for the Makefiles to work properly.

Did that.  RH seems to put all the libraries in /usr/lib (as opposed to
/usr/local, which is the default), so I compiled everything I complied

./ --prefix=/usr; make; make install

        gdk-pixbuf - 0.7.0 (or later?)

Got this as a tarball from


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