Re: [Evolution] Still can't compile

After 2 wks and 2 RH re-installs I still can't get evolution or nautilus
to compile.  I've pretty much given up.  I'd like to give it one more
try before loosing all hope.  Can someone give all the lib version
dependencies and order they should be installed?  Also, any insights
will be appreciated.

Well without any idea if what errors you are getting it is hard
to say.

The README file in the evolution module has what should be
enough of an uptodate list of what you need installed.

You have had 2 posts to the list, 1 was because your bonobo
was not recent enough, and the other was because your libxml
was version 2.  Most components need to be from cvs.

gdk-pixbuf recently changed and you need the cvs version of that
from within a week.  bonobo from within a week (or maybe 2 weeks),
libxml you need very specifically 1.8.7 (or the LIBXML_1_8_6
tag in cvs) - libxml 2 is incompatible, and earlier versions
have bugs that cause problems with etable.  gtkhtml you need
from cvs probably as well.  Oh, quite likely you need
a newer glib/gtk as well than redhat would ship (but i'm not
sure on that).

It can be a lot of work to compile, and about all you can do
with it is view email, but it is starting to come together.


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