Re: [Evolution] Bounce/remail command

This seems to perpetuate the mail to the incorrect address problem. The
sender wouldn't know they sent to an incorrect address. Now, if the mail
was forwarded and the reply was, "This message was forwarded to me ..."
then they'd get the idea that maybe the first address was not the one they
should have tried. I wonder if you didn't bounce the message and
forwarded instead, fewer messages not intended for you would reach your


I don't think you appreciate the problem.  I actually have had the exact 
same experiences, which I tried to describe in my last email.  The issue
is that folks will often assume the existence of a certain login, or click
on the only link they find on a page.  This means if your email account
happens to be the own shown for Webmaster, you'll receive emailed resumes,
complaints, sales requests on a regular basis.  Once the appropriate party
gets back to them, the original mailer won't waste room in your mail-box

The free world will NOT collapse if bounce is not included, so I won't try
to convince you that it will.  I guess I'm still not sure I understand why
the free world will collapse if bounce WILL be included, especially when
it has such strong disciples.

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