Re: [Evolution] Bounce/remail command

Standard vs. custom does not relate to "expert" features. There's a
difference between turning on expert features and using expert features.

I honestly have no idea what this means.

There's a right way to do this. Trolling users about feature list is the
wrong way.

I won't pretend to know the right way, so therefore I'll be gracious and
ask you.  What IS the right way?  It probably shouldn't be a few guys
in charge of the source tree deciding they don't use it personally.  I'm
not married to the idea of a user survey, and I'd embrace ANY mechanism
for resolving these kinds of feature disputes.  Maybe the answer is to
include all of these features for a roll-out to "expert" users and track
how often they're used.

Oh, and I also never really understood the suggestion for fetchmail.  From
the FAQ page:

"fetchmail's job is transport, not policy."

I don't think the feature being requested here is help in moving mail
wholesale from account to account.  The problem is users sometimes have
individual pieces of email that they have to redirect, bounce, re-send
(pick your favorite name) to other accounts.  Quite often I get emailed
queries that are sent to me for re-routing to other members of my group.
Or sometimes I receive email that's really the responsibility of some
other department entirely.  I don't want to have to set Reply-To headers
explicitly.  I don't want to confuse some poor temp in some other
department that ends up replying to me instead of the real destination.

There, another voice for bounce =).

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