Re: [Evolution] Bounce/remail command

Michael Wood wrote:


On Wed, Apr 19, 2000 at 08:38:28PM +0200, Christian Borup wrote:
u07ih abdn ac uk wrote:

Only the private account can print emails, so if there's an
interesting mail on the list I can bounce it to the other
account and print it without having > in front of

But a forwarded message doesn't have to be mangled, in fact it
should just be forwarded as is in a message/rfc822 mimepart
(with headers and everything).  This way the original message
can be read, printed or even replied to.  Just because many
mail clients forward stuff wrongly, doesn't mean we need to
keep dooing so.

Ahhh, but one thing I really hate is the way Outlook does NOT
quote replies and forwards with '> '.

Repiles and forwards are not the same and should not be treated as if they

When someone replies to me using Outlook, I have to wade through
the whole thing trying to remember what I wrote and then figure
out which is theirs.  Outlook's option to put [Replier's Name]
infront of what they write, might make things slightly easier,
but I find the '> ' quoting MUCH cleaner and more readable.

No argument there, but only when talking replies.


If you want the e-mail to be complete and not have someone
comment on it, maybe attaching it as a message/rfc822 is OK, but
normally people reply to the things and then it's nice to be
able to distinguish what you said from their comments.

This is why one should not confuse replies with forwards.
Replies should allways be quoted (with ">" or whatever).
I wouldn't mind an option to forward quoted, but I don't think it should
be default (that should be message/rfc822).
Forwarding inline as Outlook does is just plain evil, and should never be
done (it should not be done for replies either).


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