Re: [Evolution] Problems compiling Evolution


I ran into exact problem: "parse error before `BonoboArg'"

You need to get an updated version of bonobo.

I would recommend building and installing bonobo
out of cvs as well as evolution.

The instructions you followed to get evolution
and gdk-pixbuf from cvs, do the same for bonobo.

And that should do it.


On Sat, 15 Apr 2000, Hector Garcia wrote:


After updating to the last gdk-pixbuf and makig a "make maintainer-clean" to be
sure everything it is clean up, I have two problems compiling evolution.

One is when it is trying to compile evolution/mail/folder-browser.c
This is the output:

folder-browser.c:133: parse error before `BonoboArg'


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