Re: [Evolution] Camel Folder api review

But for imap (am i right?), and for mbox (currently), we do have a
hardcoded set of flags to play with

IMAP provides a number of system flags, and a method of determining if
the server allows you to create your own flags. (I don't know whether
no/few/most/all IMAP implementations allow you to create your own
flags. Can anyone else comment on that?)

I was pretending the existing mbox code didn't exist.

There's only a couple of
things they should be used for anyway (read/deleted/?).

I think we definitely want those two plus "important" and "replied
to". (That mostly covers the set that IMAP pre-defines.)

It would be nice to let people define (and search/filter on) their own
flags like "Sync to pilot", "Discuss with Bob", "Deal with before I
leave for Tokyo", "This message contains the word `artichoke'", etc.*

aren't going to be big).  Or even if they are in some cases
you will always need to load the whole lot (say, to display

If you have a million messages, you don't want to display all of them
in the browser, you want to display some number of them, and have a
"show next/previous lot" button. (Pachyderm does this.)

The new summary interface lets you ask for any subsection of the full
list, so you don't have the inefficiency of an iterator, but you can
avoid getting spammed by very large folders.

-- Dan

* We can wait until 2.0 for the automatic "request new icon from
Tigert when you create a new flag" feature. :)

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