[Evolution] Status of Gnome-pim?

Hi all,

Today's festivities reminded me that I actually have a patch for gnome-pim
because -- wait for it --  it doesn't handle spaces in filenames

No, really.

The problem occurs because gnome-pim has this wonderful misfeature where
appending from another file changes your default card catalog name to that
of the file you appended from. (So, when I append all my vCards from
Outlook -- you know, the ones that default to the name of the person? --
this bites me in the butt.) There are other problems with gnome-pim as
well, some with the import section of vCards. Before I put more time into
tracking the problems down, I figured I'd ask whether the effort would be
worthwhile or not.

So? How much of gnome-pim will live on in Evolution? In which areas would
bug hunting be worthwhile?

Ray Lee
rblee impulse net / ray madrabbit org

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