Re: [Evolution] evolution folder layout

Jamie Zawinski wrote:

Ray Lee wrote:

And if you're going to use hyphens, you might as well just use spaces
and be done with it.

If there are spaces in file names on your disk, you are in a world of
hurt.  Zillions of Unix tools deal exceptionally poorly with this
(find/xargs to name but one example.)

Note:  I am coming into this thread without having read the 
earlier messages, so I may be misunderstanding the topic.
If I am, my apologies.

In any case, users ought to be able to use spaces in the
names of files and when those files are viewed, the spaces
should be displayed.  This is something that the MAC pioneered
and Windoze later copied.  If Gnome/Evolution is to raise the 
bar in terms of usability, it is going to have to shield GUI
users from the hairy underbelly of legacy utility limitations.

What I'd like to see if more work on creating very extensible
and generalized layers that create a seamless and intuitive
environment.  By definition, this will require a lot of hacks 
underneath to interface with the nuts and bolts of the system.
For example, shoehorning WYSIWYG/font-antialiasing into XFree86.


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