Re: [Evolution] evolution folder layout

Amen!  if it has spaces in the name or directory name, its pretty hard to
do simple things like use tab-completion to navigate down an absurdly
deep-but-non-forking directory hierarchy.

Tab completion works great for me with files with spaces. My shell (bash)
is even nice enough to put the quotation marks around the filename. My old
shell (tcsh) properly escaped the spaces. If your shell doesn't have this
feature, you should probably upgrade your shell.

I'm not saying that the filenames -should- have spaces (they probably
shouldn't if for no other reason than it's bad convention with the way the
UNIX filesystems generally work), but I don't generally buy the argument
that the command-line isn't up to the task. People realized the need to at
least handle this stuff pack in 1995 when Windows went nuts-o with the

What's the point in propagating this argument further?


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