RE: [Evolution] evolution folder layout

jwz wrote:

: Naming things "My_" is stupid -- it's in my home directory, of course
: it's mine.

Not always. I agree that "My_" is almost always a stupid idea. People tend
to use this is code so that they don't have to think of actual descriptive
variable names. In this case though, this may be appropriate. What happens
if you happen to have someone else's calendar or schedule in your folder
list as well? (e.g., a secretary's daily view.)

: Using underscores in file names is also foul -- this isn't C, you're not
: parsing arithmetic tokens, so use hyphens.  StudlyCaps are foul too.

But using non-C identifiers encourages a schism between the folder's
namespace and the code namespace. Preferably, you never actually tie the
namespaces together in the first place -- without using a map, anyway --
so that this exact problem won't occurr, but I haven't looked at the code
yet to see what they're doing.

And if you're going to use hyphens, you might as well just use spaces and
be done with it.

Ray Lee
rblee impulse net / ray madrabbit org

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