Re: [Evolution] evolution folder layout

Fernando Madruga wrote:

* One rule we'll probably make about a folder is that although it can
contain other folders of any type, it can itself only store one type of
item. This is why the "Trash" directory contains directories under it, each
of which is a specific type.

This feels inside out to me; I'd expect Mail/Trash and Calendar/Trash
instead of Trash/Mail and Trash/Calendar, and also Mail/Inbox rather
than Inbox/Mail.

Though it also seems sensible to me for Trash to not be a disk file at
all, but to be auto-generated somehow.  It could be just a summary that
points to deleted-but-unexpunged items in other folders, so that it
would take up negligible disk space itself.

Remember that people are going to want to use procmail, so effectively
every mail folder is going to be an inbox (in the sense of, new messages
asynchronously appear.)  This is something you have to build in from the
start, since you're building a Unix-only client.  So devoting a
top-level directory to all inboxes is not going to mesh with the way a
lot of people are actually going to use the software.

Naming things "My_" is stupid -- it's in my home directory, of course
it's mine.

Using underscores in file names is also foul -- this isn't C, you're not
parsing arithmetic tokens, so use hyphens.  StudlyCaps are foul too.

Jamie Zawinski
jwz jwz org   
jwz dnalounge com

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