[Evolution] [HC Evolution]Fwd vs. "Bounce"/"Resend"

And #4 is what people will default to using if they don't like #1. While I
agree that #1 is the Correct And True method for handling a 'bounce
forward', it would be good if the mailer supported an option for truly
resending a message when you yourself were the original author. If I

also, if a message is sent to you by mistake-- for example, my friends
andrea and adam kurtz, askurtz haverford edu and akurtz haverford edu  
Or when I spent several years listed on an out-of-date web page as the
email contact for a co-op I no longer lived in.  I made heavy use of the
Bounce button, and "from hippie co-op org (by way of
sellout pollution com) to bernie college edu" made perfect sense to

aaron 'imac' weber
doc worker
helix code.

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