[Evolution] a week goes a long way...

Wow. Lots of stuff was done this week on Evolution, so I thought I'd bring
people up to date on the progress.

On the flashy side of things, we have a toolbar for the mail component now
(though the buttons don't do much), new icons for the message-list view, and
new icons for the shortcut bar.

For the mailer, we now have a 99%-finished pop provider, and a propertybag
(to expose a uri and whether to show the preview window).

The addressbook is looking a lot better on the backend; not only do we have
a db3 book backend, but an LDAP backend is now in the works! Card cursors
were also developed somewhat, and some refcounting/memory problems have been

The calendar, which now compiles beautifully, has now seen some developments
in terms of the idl exposure of uid's, and ical-string conversion. It also
builds libpcs, which is used in the Wombat. Speaking of which...

The "wombat", which will hold the PAS/PCS, is now available in (surprise)
the wombat directory. Pretty simple, pretty important.

Looking into the next week, we should be able to get a first-cut incoming
mail path set up, and an SMTP transport; the calendar should have basic
integration with the shell, and saving in the PCS; and the addressbook
should be able to hook the e-table model into the backends. If this last
week was any indication, all this should be a piece of cake :)


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