Re: [Evolution] addressbook.idl

On Fri, 31 Mar 2000, Chris Toshok wrote:

clahey helixcode com wrote:
Matt Loper asked me to send this idl to the list to get comments on the
BookView/BookViewListener interfaces.

Well, I for one like it.  I've been thinking about the query string format,
and it seems like it'd be easy to do something similar to what camel is doing
for searching.

like, (and (phone-no-is "415-867-5309") (cn-contains "Chris")) or something.
we could translate that format into an ldap query string pretty easily too.

This sounds good to me.  How well would this work with db3?

One possible change?  Perhaps the field and the operation should be
separate identifiers?  So for example (and (is phone-no "415-867-5309")
(contains cn "Chris")).


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