[Evolution] Getting involved

Well, I'm new to this list and would like to become more involved in
Evolution and Helix Code's work in general. But I would like some more info
on where I can get more info ;-)

Basically, I want to know if all the Helix Code stuff is in the gnome CVS
server or if it's a different server? There's no real documentation on this
on the Helix Code site. What other CVS Modules are required, etc. I want to
become familiar with the inner workings of Evolution, particularly the
calendaring framework (yes, I have the white paper on this) and reading the
code is the best way.

I wouldn't mind working on creating the Debian Packages for Helix Gnome as
well since Debian is my primary distro.

Thanks in advance.

Carl B. Constantine                                      carl os-s com
Open Source Solutions Inc.                      Curriculum Development
4252 Commerce Circle, Victoria, BC.  V8Z 4M2      http://www.os-s.com/

     "I feel like a genocidal maniac when emacs asks me if I want
                       to kill 10789 characters."

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