Re: [evolution-kolab-devel] Kolab 3.1

Hello Brian,

the main web page of evolution-kolab is 
<>.  It links to all relevant 
places in its section "Project_Infrastructure": 

Am 21.10.2013 um 20:40 schrieb Shaw, Brian zu "Re: [evolution-kolab-devel] 
Kolab 3.1":
Do you know where I can find the last stable release of the plugin?

At <> you will find 
all evolution-kolab releases (source code only). 
Attention: The web page 
<> only provides some of 
those releases (source code).

Maybe I can update it to use the current API.

It would be great to enable evolution-kolab to read and write the new Kolab 
3 format.

On 2013-10-21 9:38 am, Torsten Grote wrote:
On Sunday 13 October 2013 09:24:23 Brian Shaw wrote:
Is there a version of evolution-kolab that works with Kolab 3.1? 

Well, evolution-kolab fully supports the Kolab 2 format.  I personally have 
no knowledge how a Kolab 3 server handles clients which use the Kolab 2 
format.  By design I would expect all clients using the Kolab 2 format to 
be interoperable on a Kolab 3 server, but that might have some caveats.

HTH & best regards

P.S.: The mailing-list <evolution-kolab-devel-list gnome org> has been 
closed a while ago (see [1]), in favour for using the main evolution 
development list [2] <evolution-hackers gnome org>.
This is also the reason why the replies to your mail came so late, as the 
evolution-kolab-devel-list is not used and read any more.



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