Re: [evolution-kolab-devel] Kolab 3.1

Hi everyone,

Am Sonntag 13 Oktober 2013, um 15:24:23 schrieb Brian Shaw:
Is there a version of evolution-kolab that works with Kolab 3.1? 
Or, is there a version being worked on that I could test?

Sadly, we're currently not sponsored for bringing evolution-kolab
up to date for Kolab 3.1. The plugin currently only supports the
Kolab2 data format. We would need to implement a new part of the
Kolab<->Evolution data format conversion library, which is part
of evolution-kolab and understands Kolab2 data format only at the
moment. It would not be a difficult thing to do from a code-base
point of view, it is only that it has to be done.

Keeping up with Evolution and Evolution-Data-Server development for
a complex plugin like evolution-kolab has proven to be a full-time
job for a single person. My short-term goal still is to create
evolution-kolab source tarballs for the Evo/E-D-S releases I have
missed since my funding for the project ended. I've not yet given
up on the idea, but my job has kept me from getting this done
in my spare time until now.

However, implanting a Kolab3<->Evolution data format conversion
facility would be great. Apart from that, and apart from many
nice-to-have-features which one could like to implement, evolution-kolab
is feature-complete enough to be of good use. I'd really like to
see it being picked up, and I'd surely like to help with advise
and some hacking here and there.

Kind regards,


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