[Evolution-hackers] Documentation Issue? Leaving messages on server indefinitely


this might be a documentation issue or a feature request, I don't know
which. I am using a mail account that has enough space. At one computer
I want to receive the mails as pop3 (basically a copy) and at the other
computer I use IMAP to organize and manage the account.

Now I want my pop3-evolution to leave the messages on the server
indefinitely and not delete them after some days.

I am not sure whether I can just set that as 0 and the messages will
never be deleted or whether this will delete messages immediately. I am
too scared to try, since this would break a lot of stuff if the
messages were deleted for the imap-client.

Sadly the documentation doesn't state whether this is possible. If it
isn't, then this is basically a feature request and I'll file it as
one. If I can just set 0, I'll file it as a documentation issue. I
don't know which.


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