Re: [Evolution-hackers] contacts sync from eds to idevice.

On Thu, 2016-10-13 at 09:36 +1100, Timothy Ward wrote:
The updated gtk3 eds-to-idevice code is on github at


Any advise on the idea or code or what would be required to
have it included in eds as a sync backend to an idevice would be

okay, so I opened the github page and checked the and it
claims at the end these dependencies:

The glib-2.0 is no problem, it's used by the evolution-data-server
(eds). The gtk+ is an optional dependency for the eds. The other two
libraries are completely new for the eds.

You said it's a command line tool, which makes me wonder why you want a
gtk+, when the command line is meant to run without any display.

As you claimed that to have full functionality the build requires some
recent code from the github (maybe unreleased?), then I hesitate to
take this into such core GNOME product as eds is. It could be included,
but disabled by default, which degrades its usage heavily (the
packagers would not notice it exists, when it'll be disabled by

The other part of the deal would be the maintenance of the code. I'm
surely not able to give any maintenance to the code, I even cannot test
whether it does what it is supposed to do, because of missing any Apple
device here. In that case, who will take care of the code? And for how
long? This is nothing personal, we do not know each other, I've just
pretty bad experience in this regard; people promised me many things to
get where they wanted to be, but then forgot of the deal quite quickly

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