Re: [Evolution-hackers] contacts sync from eds to idevice.

On Thu, 2016-10-13 at 05:06 +1100, Timothy Ward wrote:
gtk3 eds-to-idevice code exists to sync contact information between
eds and an idevice. It is coded as a commandline utility at the
moment, and was a git project that I updated earlier this year
from the original author.

As evolution does not have the capability at the moment
to sync contacts to an idevice, I was wondering if this would beĀ 
a worthwhile project to add to evolution.

it sounds interesting. I'm wondering, is it anything what for example
syncevolution [1] cannot do? I understand the syncevolution as a pretty
complete solution to move contacts/event/memos/tasks between the
evolution-data-server and the servers (and/or devices, if I'm not
mistaken). That is, maybe it'll make more sense to include it there, to
have all of such functionality at one place. That doesn't mean it
couldn't be part of the evolution-data-server, I'm only unsure how to
test and maintain the code, because I do not have any idevice (or I do,
but I'm not aware of it; it depends what you understand behind that
name). By the way, what would be the new dependencies to be able to
compile your code?
        Thanks and bye,


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