Re: [Evolution-hackers] vCard test suite


On Mon, 2016-04-04 at 10:08 +0200, Milan Crha wrote:
On Sun, 2016-04-03 at 22:13 +0100, Philip Withnall wrote:

How would it be best to include this in the EDS test suite? The
I see are:
 • Install the vCards on the system in the installed-tests prefix,
use by unit tests installed by EDS.
 • Import them as a git submodule into EDS.
 • Keep vcard-test-suite separate and have it install its own unit
for EDS[1].

I think the first option might be the best, but I would appreciate
others’ input.
if the Collabora is fine to copy/move the data and the code in the
evolution-data-server sources, then I do not see any issue with it.

I don’t think I explained clearly enough, sorry. All three options are
proposing to keep vcard-test-suite as a separate project, which EDS
depends on in some way (either as a test-time dependency, a git
submodule, or a build-time dependency).

I would also prefer to make it part of the installed-tests for the
evolution-data-server, together with the binary which will process
those files (install data and do not use them looks incorrect).

That seems like a good goal, regardless of which method we choose to do


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