[Evolution-hackers] vCard test suite

Hi all,

A while ago, Alex Shtyrov created a test suite of vCards (invalid and
valid) for testing EVCard and other vCard parsers. The intention was
that it would be a project-neutral source of vCard examples and test


How would it be best to include this in the EDS test suite? The options
I see are:
 • Install the vCards on the system in the installed-tests prefix, for
use by unit tests installed by EDS.
 • Import them as a git submodule into EDS.
 • Keep vcard-test-suite separate and have it install its own unit test
for EDS[1].

I think the first option might be the best, but I would appreciate
others’ input.

The vcard-test-suite already includes all the vCard test vectors we
could find in the existing EDS unit tests.


[1]: https://gitlab.com/pwithnall/vcard-test-suite/blob/master/utilitie

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