[Evolution-hackers] Multiple email addresses

Hello all,

there are serveral issues in Bugzilla concerning the number of fields in
the contact editor: IM 340075, Email 653892 and a more general complaint
319195 (could not find an issue for phone).

I was wondering if someone is working on these issues?
I actually like the current design of the contact editor and I'd like to
make a suggestion to solve these issues without changing the design too
1) data access
- currently everything is hardcoded e.g. put UI-SLOT-1 into
entry-mail-1; EMAIL_SLOTS=4
- use E_CONTACT_EMAIL and work with list instead
- (same for email-completion)
2) GUI
 - write Widget derived from Table e.g. DynTable
 - in editor#fill_email
    email_list = get(E_CONTACT_EMAIL)
    combo_model = build_combo_model_for_email()
    DynTableModel m = new DynTableModel(combo_model,email_list)
 - DynTable creates all comboboxes,textfields required and an
"add-button" (or one spare combo/field entry if you like)
 - empty entries are removed during "save", so no remove button is
requierd. getModel() could for example call compact()
 - in editor#extract_email
    model = dyntable.getModel()
    foreach model.emails: contact.add_email(e)
 - DynTable can be reused for IM,PHONE only fill and extract have to be

Could this be a feasible approach?


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