Re: [Evolution-hackers] Running evolution 3.10

Matthew Barnes wrote:
On Tue, 2013-07-09 at 08:34 +0530, Joe Steeve wrote:
So, I managed to build it. But, how to run it without screwing my local
configuration. The gnome from my distro (Debian Wheezy) is 3.4.

Easiest ways are to either run 3.9.x from a separate user account, or
install a virtual machine.

Matthew Barnes

You can use the following script for launching a test instance (I have
been using a simple version of that). Note that you should not already
be running another instance of those programs.
The goa, E-S-R and E-C-F need to be launched first in order to avoid
dbus daemon to launch instances with your real environment (it would be
nice to pass a parameter to evolution so it doesn't even try to contact
the goa or  calendar).


Description: application/shellscript

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