[Evolution-hackers] Issue list

Hello evolution hackers

I have been considering evolution as MUA and doing some trials with it
(with version 3.8.4). I generally like its way, but I also had some

* Sometimes hangs on exit
* Reading from pop3 hangs after sending CAPA
[does pop3 really work for others?]
* There's no option to open an isolated mail file.
[No menu for that, and from command line it only imports a mbox, see
e_shell_utils_import_uris at evolution/shell/e-shell-utils.c]
* Evolution adds headers below the email ones, not above, which might
lead to injection.
* The labels entry appears only at the contextual menu, not from the
menu bar.
* WebKit loads the java plugin (shrug)
* It would be nice to support X-Mozilla-Status header in the mboxes.
* The mbox folder layout is not merging the mbox with its .sbd
* What's the reason for the _bodystructure and _preview tables?
* Docs for .cmeta, .ibex.index and .ibex.index.data files?
(evolution-data-server/camel/devel-docs/camel-index.txt perhaps?)
* What's the overhead added by indexing the emails? 
* I see an option to choose between indexing and not indexing in the
folder properties, but not how to set it before creating the folder
(what would happen if importing a lot of mail?).
* There's no option to disable spell checking for a single mail.
* None of the multiple email stores -despite the variety- really
convince me.

I am mostly dumping what I had listed in a text file, in case it is
known or gives some useful idea to someone. I guess you would welcome
any patches?
I tried compiling evolution and EDS from git but the instructions seemed
to require most of gnome at an alternative location and somehow didn't
generate an evolution binary. There's probably an easier procedure.

Best regards

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