[Evolution-hackers] https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=697632

Hi All,

Probably I have managed to cook a fix for bug 697632. Code review is required to confirm the fix.
I am not sure how to create patch. I took a diff and attaching here.

File: plugins/mail-to-task/mail-to-task.c
Function: do_mail_to_event

[branch Where I have check in my code]

[Reason Behind the Change]
We are not doing any g_object_ref for "folder"  object in this function.  Thus unref should not be present as well. This is a dangling "g_object_unref" on folder object.

But one confusion I have. Do we need to add g_object_ref anywhere on folder object?
Do let me know your view as well.

With regards,

Attachment: Proposed_Fix_697632.diff
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