Re: [Evolution-hackers]

On Mon, 2013-04-15 at 12:20 +0530, samarjit Adhikari wrote:
Probably I have managed to cook a fix for bug 697632. Code review is
required to confirm the fix.

I am not sure how to create patch. I took a diff and attaching here.

thanks for the work on this. If it's related to a bug, then attach patch
there, not to the mailing list. From a quick review:
a) the '//' is a C++ comment, you get a compiler warning on it; if the
   unref is not needed, then just delete it.
b) how did you get the diff? I suppose it's not from a git clone (with
   'git diff'), because the 'git diff' shows also a function name
   in which you did the change, while your diff doesn't do that.
c) Good catch, the e_mail_reader_get_folder() doesn't return reffed
   folder, but the mail-to-task still unrefs the folder. I guess it's
   some artifact from the time when the function was introduced. I see
   few more places in the mail-to-task.c which does the unref, please
   update your patch and attach it to bugzilla.
        Thanks and bye,

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