Re: [Evolution-hackers] Evolution doesn't honor LC_TIME (and other LC_ variables)

On Wed, 2008-03-05 at 20:16 +0100, Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado wrote:
> Since I'm not familiar with the po files (I don't know if I can modify
> them directly or not) and so the work may take some time, agains which
> version should I make my patches? Latest stable? Latest devel? Latest
> SVN? Any preference?

Always submit packages against latest SVN.

Never modify po files directly.  You'll need to find the place in the
source code where the translated string is coming from and fix it there
(po files should point you to the exact file and line number).

> I'll try to have some patch by tomorrow evening.

No rush.  We're under a code freeze at the moment anyway.

Matthew Barnes

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