Re: [Evolution-hackers] Exchange 2007 - MAPI Provider preview


On Jan 18, 2008 10:21 PM, Holger Goetz <holgerg hgsys de> wrote:

Is there any magic beside of

exporting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH for samba4
and activating the plugin, 

to get a "MAPI" or alike selection the the "Server Type" drop down? (The plugin is there and can be activated/is activated)

The name of the plugin is 'Exchange MAPI'. The same name is used in the "Server Type" dropdown as well.. If the plugin is activated and you still can't find the server type in the dropdown - something is wrong. (start Evo in a terminal and look for a message like 'Unable to load plugin 'XYZ' - could not find shared object '' etc.,)
BTW: tested on 2 systems: Ubuntu 7.02, Evolution 2.12.1 and plain debian-sid 2.12.2-1+b1 ...
Couldn't test w/ 2.21.90 from trunk of svn - as the rpm's install in default libs and not into "/opt/evo/...." or alike.

Just to make it crystal clear, you may either:

+ install the RPMs from the URL Johnny mentioned...
+ build from source from the following branches (and not SVN trunk)
I had posted the configure options needed sometime ago here ->


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