Re: [Evolution-hackers] Exchange 2007 - MAPI Provider preview

Hi Suman, Johnny,

1st: That's great news! Thanks for all your efforts around MAPI and Exchange2007!

2nd: What version of evolution is expected as minimum?

Is there any magic beside of

exporting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH for samba4
and activating the plugin, 

to get a "MAPI" or alike selection the the "Server Type" drop down? (The plugin is there and can be activated/is activated)

BTW: tested on 2 systems: Ubuntu 7.02, Evolution 2.12.1 and plain debian-sid 2.12.2-1+b1 ...
Couldn't test w/ 2.21.90 from trunk of svn - as the rpm's install in default libs and not into "/opt/evo/...." or alike.


On Fri, 2008-01-18 at 21:32 +0530, Suman wrote:
Just to give a heads-up on what WON'T work w.r.t. calendars/tasks/memos:

+ no meetings/assigned tasks support.. (we're waiting on a few APIs to be made available by libmapi)
+ no recurring events [1]
+ freebusy info (the first point would make this irrelavant.. but..)

The rest of the basic features would *mostly* work..
Comparing the plugin to the current Exchange connector.. feature-wise... MAPI stilllllll has a long way to go.. :)

Looking forward to a lot of people trying/testing the RPMs and getting back to us with their invaluable feedback.. TIA !!

[1] events = appointments/meetings.. unfortunately, Evolution does not support recurring tasks yet.. so.. don't wait on that..


P.S. ohhh... btw.. Outlook notes ~= Evolution memos..

On Jan 18, 2008 7:50 PM, Jacob Johnny <jjohnny novell com > wrote:
Hello guys,

This is an announce mail for the preview of Evolution MAPI provider.
This provider can connect to Exchange 2007 servers and also to Exchange
2003, 2000 and 5.5 (untested).

After seeing enormous interest by the users in Exchange 2007
connectivity, we have prepared a preview of the current development code
from the branch. The evolution-mapi-provider is a standalone rpm but in
future it may be part of the Evolution/EDS rpms. It has a dependency on
OpenChange's ( ) libmapi and Samba4.

I'm maintaining the build service project for the provider and I'm
planning to give RPMs for OpenSUSE, SLED, Fedora and Ubuntu. We would be
doing incremental releases of this periodically and may have nightly
builds for this pretty soon (Don't ask me when ;-)

The below url should let you access the Samba4, libmapi and Evolution
MAPI Provider rpms.

Due to the recent outage of OpenSUSE Build Service, we aren't able to
get the rpms ready. So I have built RPMs for opensuse 10.3/i586 alone
and is available at: .

The build for the project is already queued. So it is possible that by
the time, you read the mail, the rpms might have been published already.
So go check out and give your valuable feedback.


     * The build could be very unstable and may crash frequently.
     * Don't report these issues on to Evolution bugzilla atm. We will
       create the components and let you all know it. Mean while, you
       can write your comments/bugs at and we will
       migrate them to bugzilla a little later.
     * It is not yet feature complete. We don't have public folders/GAL
       yet. EMail subjects appear corrupted and lots of other known
       issues :)
     * Most of the features are untested
     * You need to export the Samba4 LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/samba4/lib
     * At Last: I'm not responsible for any serious damage caused due
       to the package. So try it at your own risk!!! :)

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