[Evolution-hackers] Stacktrace Hackfest

Hello Everyone,

We are planning to have a hackfest on Tuesday, January 22, 2008 where we
plan to fix crashers all through the day across all timezones. 

The following url lists all the stacktrace bugs.


Akhil, is working on a page to get a good 50 bugs out of the existing
300 stacktrace bugs. See the wiki page
http://www.go-evolution.org/Hackfest . Feel free to add any important
crashers to it. Any suggestions to reproduce it, if isn't part of the
bug, would be much appreciated. If you have reported crashers before
that are happening frequently and aren't marked with 'stacktrace'
keyword, please do mark them with the keyword, so that it appears on our

Everyone is invited to hack along with us. Just ping me (srag) or any
other hackers on #evolution channel in GIMPNet. 

Thanks and Happy Hacking


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