[Evolution-hackers] New version of Evo makefile

Hi all;

I've posted a newer version of my Evolution-from-SVN Makefile.


There is not much change here, but what's there is intended to side-step
the current messy situation with libsoup (and to let the newest libsoup
build with a test build of the newer glib).

To accomplish this, this version of the makefile removes the "libsoup"
package from the PACKAGES variable, so that it won't be updated or built
or installed any longer.  If you happen to have a working pre-2.4
libsoup, or go get and install one from the gnome-2-20 branch, it will
use that; if not it will use whatever's on your desktop.

To allow libsoup to be removed, the makefile will avoid prerequisite
relationships for packages which aren't in the PACKAGES variable (so,
you can add/remove libsoup from PACKAGES and the build ordering
prerequisites are automatically adjusted: no need to do it by hand).

If you DO want to work with the new libsoup (note you'll have to apply
lots of patches by hand; see the various bugs such as
http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=509677 ), you can do this:

    make PACKAGES="glib libsoup"

to build the latest versions from SVN, then run "make" normally.  To
repeat, if you do this your build of Evo WILL fail, unless you apply the
various patches provided by the libsoup folks in the bug above and the
bugs related to it.  Maybe it will be handy for the Evo developers.

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