Re: [Evolution-hackers] Simple Calendar Protocol Connector for easy implementation of calendar servers

ext Michael Wyraz wrote:

i've spent some time with research on different calendaring client/server implementations. I believe that most use proprietary or open but very complex protocols (e.g. CalDav) or protocols that are restricted to read-only access (e.g. WebCal). On the other hand there are some really simple protocols which are not dedicated to calendar access (e.g. xmlrpc or json over http). So the barrier for a developer of a calendar (i.e. a web calendar) to implement a bridge to evoluition is very high.
hmm. <shameless rant> I've submitted an open source Apache module implementation of CalDAV <>. I won't argue that it (implementation) is perfect but I'm inclined to say that CalDAV _is_ pretty simple compared to many other new specs (i.e. when you don't have to implement the whole http/dav stuff). The only exception to this may be the iCalendar spec which is probably even too flexible. Fortunately, there's this, many times forked libical libary, which we can/should fix. And Evolution is a pretty decent calendar client as well (although there are some missing features). So with these constraints, I'll doubt that you could significantly simplify or improve the situation by creating yet another new spec ;-) br, jari

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