[Evolution-hackers] Simple Calendar Protocol Connector for easy implementation of calendar servers


i've spent some time with research on different calendaring client/server implementations. I believe that most use proprietary or open but very complex protocols (e.g. CalDav) or protocols that are restricted to read-only access (e.g. WebCal). On the other hand there are some really simple protocols which are not dedicated to calendar access (e.g. xmlrpc or json over http). So the barrier for a developer of a calendar (i.e. a web calendar) to implement a bridge to evoluition is very high.

I've seen that korganizer has a xml-rpc plugin that allows to access the calendar of eGroupware.

So my idea is:
- to specify a really simple, http based calendar access protocol (or use an existing if there is one)
- to do a reference implementation of the server part
- to implement an evolution connector for this protocol

Preferentially I'd use json for encapsulating messages because:
- it's easy to read and understand
- it's available for almost any language (http://json.org/)
- it's lightweight
- the same api could be used to implement an ajax-ui to access this calendar

I could do the protocol spec and the server implementation. But i have limited c-programming knowledge and know not much about the evolution api. I had a short look to evolution-webcal (http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/gnome/sources/evolution-webcal/2.10/) and it seems that the evolution part is not very big.

What do you think about this idea?
Can anyone estimate how much work it would be to implement the evolution part? Is anyone interested to help me with that project (especially with ideas and with the evolution part)?


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