[Evolution-hackers] Evolution-sharp: Book.AddContact(Contact) - Blocking Call


I'm simply trying to add a contact to the Evolution address book,
using c#. The following code actually adds the contact to the book,
but the AddContact() call seems to be a blocking call. After
about an hour or so it might suddenly get beyond that line of code.
(The contact is visible immediately in Evolution though)

Console.WriteLine("Application Init");
Application.Init ();
Console.WriteLine("Getting the system address book");
Book dbk = Book.NewSystemAddressbook();
Console.WriteLine("Opening the system address book");

Console.WriteLine("Creating a new contact");
Evolution.Contact c = new Evolution.Contact();
c.FullName = "Timothy Parez";
Console.WriteLine("Adding the new contact");
dbk.AddContact(c); //Blocking call, although the contact shows up.

//This line is reached after a very long time

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