Re: [Evolution-hackers] filtertypes.xml and Camel command reference

On Mon, 2007-06-25 at 11:28 +1200, chris burgess wrote:
> We're keen to modify the available filter actions for our custom
> packaged (ubuntu, evo 2.10.1) installs of Evolution.
> In filtertypes.xml, it looks like I can add a new <part></part> entry
> if I know what the required commands to call are. I see entries like, 
>  <part name="copy-to-folder">
>   <title>Copy to Folder</title>
>   <code>(copy-to ${folder})</code>
>   <input type="folder" name="folder"/>
>  </part>
> The <code> block is a sexpression calling a Camel binding or function
> (not sure of the terminology here).
> 1. Is there a canonical list (autodocs?) of what calls are available
> to use here? 

the only lists I know of are in the source code... I don't know of any
docs that explain them, unfortunately.

the list of match rules are in camel-folder-search.c in the 'builtins'

the list of filter actions are listed in camel-filter-driver.c in a
table called 'symbols'

as far as what the arguments are, I don't recall off the top of my head
for each one, so you'll have to read the callback functions for each of
those to figure it out.
> 2. Is it possible to affect the available actions in the filter
> creation dialog simply by adding new entries here, or are other code
> changes required?

changing the xml file will make them appear in the list and will work.


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