[Evolution-hackers] filtertypes.xml and Camel command reference

We're keen to modify the available filter actions for our custom packaged (ubuntu, evo 2.10.1) installs of Evolution.

In filtertypes.xml, it looks like I can add a new <part></part> entry if I know what the required commands to call are. I see entries like,

 <part name="copy-to-folder">
  <title>Copy to Folder</title>
  <code>(copy-to ${folder})</code>
  <input type="folder" name="folder"/>

The <code> block is a sexpression calling a Camel binding or function (not sure of the terminology here).

1. Is there a canonical list (autodocs?) of what calls are available to use here?

2. Is it possible to affect the available actions in the filter creation dialog simply by adding new entries here, or are other code changes required?


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