Re: [Evolution-hackers] introduction and an offering

В Чтв, 07/06/2007 в 11:06 -0500, Roy Pittman пишет:
> This is my first post to this list.  I have been reading it for a while and 
> have a script to offer to all of you but am unsure if this is the right 
> place.  Any guidance will be welcome.

Hello Roy, you are welcome.

> The problem:  it is not convenient to move contacts information from MS 
> Outlook to Evolution.
> My solution: a bash script that will read a dos csv file exported by Outlook 
> and re-order that data into a vcard file that Evolution can easily import.

Well, it's important thing. I've meet this problem several times in the
past and was blaming everything. But in recent Evolution there is
imported for Outlook's CSV. What version are you using?

> This script works pretty well.  I had fun solving some interesting logic 
> problems to make it work.  I want to see it used and to get suggestions for 
> improvements.  I have registered my copyright on this script but intend to 
> release it under GPL and give it to the community.  I will send this script 
> to anyone on this list who is interested.
> Thanks,
> Roy Pittman

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