[Evolution-hackers] introduction and an offering

This is my first post to this list.  I have been reading it for a while and 
have a script to offer to all of you but am unsure if this is the right 
place.  Any guidance will be welcome.

The problem:  it is not convenient to move contacts information from MS 
Outlook to Evolution.

My solution: a bash script that will read a dos csv file exported by Outlook 
and re-order that data into a vcard file that Evolution can easily import.

This script works pretty well.  I had fun solving some interesting logic 
problems to make it work.  I want to see it used and to get suggestions for 
improvements.  I have registered my copyright on this script but intend to 
release it under GPL and give it to the community.  I will send this script 
to anyone on this list who is interested.


Roy Pittman

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