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hi björn,

fur future reference, please post this to the evolution users list at
this list is for code discussion only.

@evo hackers: adding a meaningful description for both evolution-list
and evolution-hackers list at
could be useful, heh? harish? ;-)

Am Mittwoch, den 03.01.2007, 15:14 +0100 schrieb Björn Fay:
> 1. Don't load attachments by default. Load them if I click on them, this
> saves bandwith.

if just all servers would understand this... ;-)

> 2. It's good to be able to modify the view of the mailfolder, but it
> would be even better if I could change the view at once for many
> folders, without clicking on each and select the saved view. Or make the
> default changeable.

iirc, this is already filed as a feature request in

> The temporary file to open an attachment should be saved with read/write
> access not read only.

no, definitely not, because evo would save a file in evolution's temp
folder when clicking on the save button of the external application the
attachment was opened with, so the user will never find that changed
file again. read-only mode was done by purpose, and it's good to have.

> When I write a mail, I want to write more than one address (per hand),
> which is not in my addressbook. I am used to it from thunderbird and
> it should not be a big deal.

i don't get the point here. what *exactly* are you used to, what are you

> There is an option for export an calendar via SSH. Why not make an
> entier SSH-calendar, so you could have an easy
> light-weight-calendar-server. Could not be so difficult, I think.

please not. evolution is not a server application, but a client. just
use server applications if you need server applications, or use
CalDAV... :-)

> A greater wish would be an interface for eGroupware, perhaps per SyncML
> or so. There are external programs already, but it's still a bit
> complicated.

yes, there's an syncml plugin available, as far as i know - it is
possible already. what's exactly "complicated" here?

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