[Evolution-hackers] ECalComponentAttendee and ECalComponentOrganizer - an invitation to memory leaks?


Several members of the above mentioned structures are of the 'const char
*' type. One such member is 'value'.

The message from the API designer, when declaring something 'const char
*', is commonly that the memory management of that parameter/member is
the responsibility of whoever allocated the memory.

The usage of ECalComponentAttendee and ECalComponentOrganizer data
structures in e-d-s is, OTOH, that they are given to some ECalComponent
and are never touched by the callee again (unless I am totally wrong

So should data for e.g. the 'value' member be g_strdup'ed to 'value' (as
does the Groupwise calendar backend) contrary to the expectation that
the callee should manage the memory for that member?


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